What Does It Mean To Dream About Water?

In Africa water is regarded as a cleansing agent and whenever water is brought in for spiritual purposes, the aim is to clean. This might differ from one aspect to another, for instance when there subject is church, then the meaning tends to change.

Dreams about water that we explain their meaning here are those that requested an African understanding on meanings.

Dream 1:

What does it mean to dream of seeing water coming down from a dirty yard that is going to spill at home like a water dam?


This mean there are things in that particular home that might not be in accordance with ancestral requirements. This can be because of ancestors themselves or it can be because of the use of muthi in that particular home.

Dream 2:

What does it mean to dream of a lot of clean water that keeps going up and down between the water there is an elephant?


The important aspect of the dream is that the water was displaying an image of an elephant in between but was clean water. The affairs of that home required that cleansing must occur but there may be some muthi from the fields or wild where elephants reside. A traditional healer might be in a good position to identify the type of cleasing muthi needed here.

Dream 3:

I dreamt that my ex boyfriend was sleeping in my house. She asked for water to bath and we went to the other room because it was with my mother. He poured water into the dish.


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